The EarthTides Pagan Network was established in 1989 as a support resource for Maine’s Pagan community. This community is diverse, independent and geographically distant. We practice earth-based alternative religions. Most of us worship in existing groups or as solitaries, but feel a need for contact and a shared forum to express opinions and concerns over issues bearing on the Pagan community.

We are undergoing some exciting changes and are seeking volunteers, bloggers, artists and vendors to create a hub here for Maine Pagans!

Blog-Style Format

Maine is fortunate to have some amazing Pagan writers who regularly share their wisdom and ideas. We know there are many folks out there who would love to hear what they have to say. In order to widen our readership, we have decided to create a regularly updated blog on our website, and offer it free of charge. We are currently seeking Maine-based writers and bloggers to contribute to the EarthTides website. Your contributions could be in the form of essays, reviews, poems, rituals, photos, links to existing blogs, and other terrific Pagan content. We hope you’ll check it out, and help us spread the word!

Maine Pagan Creators Wanted

If you’d like to contribute to the new EarthTides blog, please let us know! We’re accepting Pagan-themed submissions of essays, art, fiction, poetry, rants, raves, reviews, existing blogs, and more. Please contact our webmaster, BlackLion, at Share your creativity with the Pagan community!

Statement of Ethics

The mission of the EarthTides Pagan Network is to provide opportunities for Pagan groups and solitaries in Maine to connect with each other in positive ways, to advocate for and educate about the Pagan religions, and to encourage and facilitate the ethical and honorable practice of those religions, without in any way limiting that freedom of choice which is so essential to our faiths.

This statement does not bind individuals to any living person, deity, pantheon, liturgy, expression of faith, or dogma. Rather, it signifies our wish to hold to a basic set of ethical behaviors.

EPN particularly respects the right of parents to direct the religious growth of minor children. Thus we support and encourage Pagan parents who choose to raise their children in our faiths. Out of respect for parents who are raising children in other faiths, EarthTides encourages members to directly consult with and seek written approval from a custodial parent when individuals under 18 years of age seek to attend Pagan gatherings or to study with members.

The following conduct will meet the standards for honest and fair practices of the EarthTides Pagan Network.

  • Create a safe and responsible environment for practicing our spiritual paths.
  • When functioning as clergy or community leaders, conduct our duties by following federal, state, and local laws, and common sense.
  • Be truthful, honorable and reputable when representing ourselves and EPN.
  • Respect all persons physically, psychologically and in other ways.
  • Respect the legal, civil and human rights of all persons.


Acting President: Janine Marie Gorham
Acting Treasurer: Nikki Starcat Shields
Acting Secretary: TBD
Acting Board Member: Brent BlackLion Nelson
Acting Board Member: Kevin Emmons
Acting Board Member: Julia Gustafson
Beltane on the Beach Coordinators: Ginger and John Scott
Common Ground Fair Coordinator: Janine Marie Gorham
Webmaster: Brent BlackLion Nelson