End Corruption

Money shouldn't be the deciding factor for national policies.

Access to Education

Uplift public schools, giving students and teachers the resources they need to succeed. Then make community college free and cancel student debt.

Universal Health

It's not that difficult an idea: Cover everybody, regardless of their income, age or job status.

We're cats, and we get this. Maybe voters can, too.

"I’ll go to the mat for beating back the influence of money. Because if we can disrupt the influence of money, we can change so many other systems. Think of it this way: Whatever decision you care most about, whether it is health care or gun violence, whether it’s climate, whether it’s student loan debt, whether it’s childcare, if there is a decision to be made in Washington, it has been influenced by money. More than 90 percent of Americans want sensible gun legislation. And yet we can’t even get a vote in Washington. Why not? Can’t get a vote in Mitch McConnell’s Senate because of the influence of the gun industry. We can play this out over and over. People talk about climate change, but so long as money is calling the shots in Washington, so long as we continue to subsidize the oil industry and it’s the oil lobbyists who are spreading money around this place, we’re not going to be able to make the real change we need." -- Elizabeth Warren