About Us

Rainbow sign on church doors reading "Hope"

Surround yourself with kind, down-to-earth people. We are a multicultural congregation with a vibrant and upbeat worship service, using guitar, piano, drums, and organ. The message is tied to a Bible reading and is relevant to what matters to our neighbors. Connecting with us has never been easier – either in-person or online. Join us!

Find yourself here.

Live in Courage. Know Peace. See Transformation.

You might be unsure about finding a church. Many of us were. You may have grown up in the church and miss the stories and warmth. We did. You may not know what you’re looking for or even what all the hype is about. We invite you to come and see. This just may be a place and a people that fit your questions, your explorations, and your deep connection with something greater than yourself. It is for us. We have found belonging here. Maybe you will, too.

Culver City Presbyterian Church welcomes all to worship with us. We believe that God loves all people, and this belief has helped us become a home to people of all races, all nationalities, the LGBTQIA+ community, and the recovery community. Our philosophy is that a loving God puts up no artificial barrier to grace, and we hope you will agree and find your church home with us.

Why Church?

What do we find at church? Why is it important to us? What keeps us connecting again week after week? In the fall of 2021, we asked these questions in a sermon series “Why Church?” in which we grounded ourselves in God’s purpose for us as a community.

Stained glass window depicting a welcoming image of Jesus