The church was built between 1949 and 1950 and has had few upgrades since.  In October 2019, the congregation began a Capital Campaign to renovate the kitchen, social hall, a classroom and library. 

Improving the physical space makes many of Culver Presbyterian’s dreams possible, with the overall goals of expanding ways to serve others; to be welcoming and inclusive; and to care for our earth  through energy and water efficiency.   Congregational support for the project was overwhelming.

Church members helping with the renovation

Possibilities include:

  • hosting a soup kitchen 
  • holding classes to teach cooking or renting the space to a small caterer
    • being that place where a group is able to prep, cook and can their garden produce
  • cooking and supplying meals for another group like SPY

The upgrade to the library allows a new kind of growth, such as:

  • a meeting room for our youth group
  • another room for meetings
  • storage space for our audio/visual department

It was vitally important to upgrade with a fully accessible ADA bathroom turning the social hall into:

  • an area for emergency needs
  • a place for missionaries to rest along their journeys
  • an area for classes and groups to meet
  • a central meeting hall for the community
  • our social gathering and meals

The options for serving others are endless and the next 70 years look bright for we truly believe All Means All!